How to Apply

Passport and other Consular Services Application Process

Step-1      Click, All About Passport and Other Consular Services.

Step-2      Check fees payable and payment options

Step-3      Sign form/s at all indicated places.

Step-4      Ensure photos are strictly as per specifications. Click here for photo specifications.

Step-5      Attach all supporting documents as per the requirement of the High Commission of India. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Step-6      Submit your application at the India Passport and Other Consular Services Centre.

Step-7      Track your application online.

Important points to follow while filling up application form(s):

  • Information provided in the form will be printed on the passport. Therefore, please be careful in filling up the form and avoid any mistakes.
  • Use black/blue ball ink for signatures only.
  • Adjust the information to fit within the number of given boxes.
  • Do not write anything outside the box.
  • Incomplete application(s) will not be accepted.